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Karunanidhi praises Narendra Modi

Karunanidhi praises Narendra Modi
After ruling out an alliance with the Congress for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and indicating that a pre-poll tie-up with the BJP was remote, DMK chief M Karunanidhi praised BJP's PM candidate Narendra Modi, describing him as "a good person".
Karunanidhi praises Narendra Modi

Karunanidhi praises Narendra Modi

In an exclusive interview to TOI on Thursday, the DMK leader, when asked about Narendra Modi, said, "My personal opinion is Modi is a good person and has taken much care about the development of his state. He has proved his capabilities as an administrator in Gujarat where the people have elected him repeatedly. But whether he is fit to rule the nation, it has to be decided by the voters."

Karunanidhi's praise of Narendra modi Modi comes as a surprise to the Congress, though the Left parties said this was expected. The BJP appreciated his comment, but saw aligning with the Dravidian party as a non-starter considering it aims to continue attacking UPA-II on corruption which includes the 2G Spectrum scam in which two DMK leaders were in jail.

Congress saw Karunanidhi's endorsement of Modi as a sign of desperation. Party spokesman Meem Afzal said, "It's the pressure of Tamil Nadu politics that has made him give this kind of statement."

CPM general secretary Prakash Karat said, "I am not surprised." D Raja, a member of Rajya Sabha from Tamil Nadu, said, "Karunanidhi should be asked what he means by a 'good person'. He also said the DMK strongman's endorsement of Modi shows the depth to which he has fallen. "It's the same party that passed a resolution in the name of Dravidian movement," Raja said.

For BJP, Karunanidhi's praise of Modi comes as a bonus from a state where the ruling AIADMK is viewed as a better ally, given chief minister J Jayalalitha's cordial relations with Modi. Party spokesman Prakash Javdekar said, "Since the time the Congress has been attacking Modi, sometimes below the belt, more and more parties and leaders from across the country are appreciating Modi for his leadership qualities and good governance."
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Narendra Modi all set for mission Bundelkhand today


Narendra Modi all set for mission Bundelkhand today

After Kanpur Rally, BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi will address another rally in Uttar Pradesh, this time in Jhansi, on Friday.

This will be Modi’s second in Uttar Pradesh out of the proposed nine rallies by year-end in the first phase of campaign ahead of next year’s Lok Sabha elections.
Narendra Modi all set for mission Bundelkhand today
Narendra Modi all set for mission Bundelkhand today

From the stage that would look like the Rani Jhansier leaders Fort, the Gujarat chief minister is expected to hard sell his development model for Bundelkhand— a region largely known for its frequent droughts and farmer suicides.While he is expected to corner the Samajwadi Party government on the law-and-order scenario, Modi is also likely to prominently bring up the issue of Muslim appeasement.

Giving an insight of Modi’s line of action, state BJP president Laxmikant Bajpai said the Gujarat chief minister will try to connect with the electorate of the region, which was once a bastion of the party.

“The entire report about the state of affairs in the region is with him. We have provided every minute detail about suicide by farmers, their issues, lack of development, the perennial water crisis, irrigation problem, unemployment etc,” said Bajpai.

Under the BJP’s scheme of things, it is pertinent to win Bundelkhand to expect a gain in the 2014 elections. The intent was clear when the BJP moved its stalwart leader Uma Bharti to Madhya Pradesh to contest the election from Charkhari, which she won.

The plan paid dividends as the BJP gained three out of the 19 assembly seats that it had never won in the previous two polls. “The BJP will present Bharti as a leader who could lead the people and region to prosperity and development,” he said.

The rally has already created a big buzz among BJP workers in Jhansi, a constituency at present represented by Union minister Pradeep Jain Aditya.

Party sources said arrangements are in full swing to make it the most hi-tech political event to be relayed to 37 countries. The GIC ground, venue of the rally, and its surroundings, including the trees, have been painted saffron.

Three stages have been built at the GIC ground. The main stage, which will look like the Rani Jhansi Fort, will host Modi, BJP president Rajnath Singh and 28 other frontline leaders.

Though it is believed that the ground could accommodate up to two lakh people, BJP workers have put up nine LED television screens. The party’s UP in-charge Amit Shah visited the rally ground and suggested certain changes in the design, party insiders said.

While the rally is expected to begin at 1 pm, Modi will arrive at 2.40 pm. BJP’s Jhansi unit president Babu Lal Nishad said a huge number of people have already arrived from as far as Chitrakooot and Madhya Pradesh for the rally.
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Narendra Modi phenomenon: Propaganda or Reality?

It was back in the summer of 2002 when I first heard of Narendra Modi, who was labeled “Butcher of Gujarat”. Being a naive boy who did not bother about exploring facts, it was but natural for me to believe everything said by friends, trust opinions of “experts” on TV shows and editors of magazines (notice that I have used the word “opinion” which is different from “report”. While news reports are based on real events, opinions are subjective and can be manipulative). Just like millions of other young Indians, I was also a staunch critic of Modi and even just a mention of his name used to make me nauseous. (How could someone even think of killing thousands of innocent people, still be arrogant/adamant and continue to be the CM?)

Fastforward to 2008-09. After settling down with a job in IT industry and with some leisure time during weekends, I decided to take up some interesting online courses to explore non-technical subjects. One such course was about psychology where I learnt concepts like cognitive behavior, media’s role in brainwash, mind manipulation & propaganda. And this got me thinking whether I am/was also a victim of a propaganda. I had to explore it by taking up one case. Since Modi had just then become a CM for the third term (which was indeed shocking. How could people vote for a mass murderer third time consecutively?), I decided to take up his case.

I talked to friends & colleagues about their opinion on Modi and the the most common criticisms/allegations attributed towards him are broadly categorized as follows:

1) Mass-murderer. During the 2002 riots, Modi had given a free hand to extremists to go on a killing spree which lasted for several days/weeks. He called the army after 3 full days.

2) Gujarat was already a developed state. He has done nothing significant.

3) Careless attitude towards minorities. It is a living hell for minorities in his state.

This time, I wanted to look at it like a psychology student without any preconceived notions. So, my research began with a clear mind and for the next few weeks, I accessed several official documents, official news archives, court reports, verdicts, statements etc and the following was what I found.

1) Mass-murderer, 2002 riots, calling army.

This was the most shocking part of the research process. When I unearthed official archives of newspapers, I was surprised to find that Modi had actually called army as soon as the riots began. Hence, I was not surprised when Supreme Court gave a clean chit to Modi because everything that was mentioned in SIT (Special Investigation team appionted by Supreme Court) report was already in public domain which I had found much earlier.
Apart from calling the army immediately, Modi had deployed special police forces (Rapid Action Task Force) and the riot was in control within 72 hours.

Modi phenomenon: Propaganda or Reality?

To summarise:

-Train was burnt on Feb 27th, 2002.
-Riots started on Feb 28th.
-Army was called on Feb 28th itself within hours.
-Army began flag marches on the next day i.e March 1st (Feb in 2002 had 28 days)
-By March 3rd, riots were under control.

Also, it was surprising to find that Modi had called for help from neighboring states (Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh & Maharashtra) requesting for police forces but none offered any help (Maharashtra sent some police teams but it was not of much use). This is mentioned in SIT report, page 448.
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Narendra Modi In Kanpur Rally

Narendra Modi rips into Congress, woos UP voters in kanpur Rally.

KANPUR: BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Saturday launched his crucial UP campaign of kanpur rally with a promise to boost growth and employment and by steering clear of the prickly Ram Mandir issue even as he professed commitment to social harmony and fair play.
Narendra Modi In Kanpur Rally

He launched a scathing attack on the Congress first family, Samajwadi Party (SP) and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), urging voters to overthrow the "tikdi (trio)" from the state.

As a massive crowd stood under a scorching sun applauding Modi and shouting slogans, a visibly confident Gujarat chief minister predicted that BJP was set to win the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.

Congress was at the helm for 60 years but the lot of the poor had not improved in the country, he said. "They (UPA) had promised that price rise would be controlled within 100 days of coming to power. Have they kept fulfilled the promise," he asked, drawing a loud endorsement from the crowd.

"Neither have they been able to control prices, nor do they have the courage to tell the people that they tried their best but could not control the skyrocketing prices," Modi said, describing the Congress leadership as an arrogant one that had did not understand poverty. "Neither the prime minister, Madam Sonia ji and shahjaade, (the mocking expression he uses for Rahul Gandhi)," Modi said to applause.

"Those born with a golden spoon in their mouths don't know what poverty is. They take a battery of camerapersons to discover what poverty is.And that is the reason why you get to hear wonderful statements like poverty is only a state of mind", he said taking another swipe at Congress vice president.

He contrasted that with his own impoverished formative years "I have lived poverty and felt it. I know what being poor is and that's why when they mock the poor it hurts. It rubs salt on the wounds", said the PM aspirant who grew up hawking tea on railway platforms. For someone who is perceived to be close to business houses, invoking the past appeared to be meant to strike a chord in a city which, once an industrial hub, has become a graveyard of its manufacturing units.

He did use the Hindutva theme of appeasement by slamming the "politics of vote bank" , singling out Akhilesh Yadav government's effort to release alleged terror suspects belonging to the minority community.

He accused his rivals of indulging in divisive politics, and claimed that he put the country and its Constitution above everything else, and did not believe in discriminating against any faith.


Modi worked the crowd with his sharp remarks about Coalgate scam, poor law and order situation in UP, before exhorting them to shout Vande Matram with him.

By all accounts, it marked an impressive debut of the PM hopeful in the battleground UP.

PM hopeful may have saved his sharpest attacks for UP because the state is crucial to his ambition. In 1996, UP gave the party 52 of the 165 MPs. In 1998, BJP won 57 out of total 179 in its kitty from UP alone. In 1999, that the party won only 29 seats with around 25% voteshare from UP,but the loss was offset by the Kargil factor and the sympathy for the then Prime Minister A B Vajpayee for having lost the government because of a solitary vote. Since then, the party has languished in the state, and could post a meager tally of 10 seats in last elections.

Taking a dig at Congress over the Coalgate, Modi said, "Kanpur's pollution is because of the coal ash blowing in from Delhi."

Blaming the Samajwadi Party for UP's law and order problems, Modi said how mothers in Gujarat worried when their sons were on trains in UP and relaxed only when the train crossed into Gujarat.

Continuing his attack on the trio of Congress, SP and BSP, Modi said: "Interestingly, they were being given backdoor support by political parties (hinting at SP and BSP) who for their vested interest had been fleecing the people of the state."

To a loud applause, he said: "Unke chakke-bakke (SP and BSP) also need to be brought down to the bottom of politics."

While part of the huge audience was mobilized by BJP workers, most people had come on their own to hear Modi. Shyam, a businessman from Gautam Buddh Nagar, said the journey was worth it and he was a big fan of Modi's charisma and rarely missed an opportunity to listen to his speeches.

Virendra Swaroop College students Alok, Prashant and Rajkumar had been desperately waiting to hear Modi ever since his programme in the city was announced. "We attended the college and rushed to rally site," Alok told TOI.

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Narendra Modi said 21st century should belong to India

Narendra Modi said 21st century should belong to India on Modi's Chennai visit

The Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate says country should start contributing to world
Narendra Modi said 21st century should belong to India on Modi's Chennai visit
It is the responsibility of people to ensure that the 21st century is the century of India, Gujarat Chief Minister and the Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, Modi's Chennai visit said on Friday.

“It was widely accepted that the present century was going to be the century of Asia. But it should be turned into the century of India,” Mr Modi said, delivering the Nani Palkhivala memorial lecture at a function organised here by the Palkhivala Foundation.

Noting that in future, the relationship between India and the rest of the world would be based on give and take, he felt that India had to emerge as a country that had something to offer. “Only then would the world take note of you,” he said, interspersing his lecture in English with Hindi.

Emphasising that the economic strength of the country would form part of the foundation of an effective foreign policy and successful security strategies, Mr Modi wanted the potential of the tourism sector to be harnessed fully for creating more jobs.

He criticised the United Progressive Alliance for not being forceful in response when soldiers, manning the border of the country, were killed ruthlessly.

The Chief Minister launched a book – Self Deception: India’s China Policies – authored by former Union Minister Arun Shourie.

‘Cho’ S. Ramaswamy, Editor of ‘Thuglak,’ said Mr Modi was going to be the issue in the forthcoming election to Parliament. Arvind P. Datar and N.L. Rajah, trustees of the Foundation, spoke
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Forget gold, go after black money: Narendra Modi

Forget gold, go after black money: Narendra ModiCHENNAI: BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Friday took at dig at the UPA government for ordering the excavation around a medieval fort site in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh, for rumoured 1,000 tonnes of gold.

"The whole world is making fun of us. Someone dreamt of it and the Central government has gone hunting for 1,000 tonnes of gold. The black money of all the corrupt people is stored in Swiss banks, worth more than 1,000 tonnes of gold. They should first get that back," Modi told party cadres at Chennai airport on his arrival.

The Gujarat CM said if the Centre was capable of getting back black money stored in foreign banks, it would not have heaped humiliation on the country in the form of a gold hunt. He said a "cyclone of change" had gripped the nation. Alluding to cyclone Phailin which hit Odisha and Andhra Pradesh, Modi said it did not make much impact as the "cyclone for change" was already underway in the country. "People are dreaming of a Congress-free India, and Tamil Nadu, where BJP has little presence, was also part of this wave," he said.

Speaking alternately in English and Hindi, Modi spelt out his foreign policy while delivering the Nani Palkhivala Memorial lecture at Madras University. "The corner stone of this policy would be to weave a harmonious neighbourhood, he said speaking on the theme of "India and the World," he said.

"Our scriptures show the way we must relate with the rest of the world through its concept of 'Vasudaiva Kutumbakam', which means the world is one family. Peace and harmony come to us from our culture and leading lights like Mahatma Gandhi who stressed the moral dimension in the conduct of persons and nations," he said.

Foreign policy has to be driven by people, not weak politicians sitting in Delhi," Modi said, adding, "India can be the alchemist of the world, giving a healing touch to bring nations together." Buddhism was a common thread to strengthen India's bonds with various countries. "Many look at India as the big brother. So India has a special responsibility to play in south Asia," he said. At the same time, it should have the political will to take decisions like the nuclear tests conducted by the NDA government in 1998.

"The world has accepted that the present century is going to be Asia's century. Our responsibility is to ensure it is India's century too by combining our traditional strengths with modern initiatives," he said.

Alluding to the fall of the rupee and the economic downslide, he wondered "how Tamil people have sent such a person ( Chidambaram) to Delhi".

"We have to encourage states to partner with foreign countries based on development agenda like Gujarat is collaborating with Japan and Canada. Likewise, at a cultural and linguistic level, there can be partnerships between Goa and Portugal and Pondicherry and France," he said.

Modi released Arun Shourie's book on 'Self-Deception: India's China Policies' on the occasion and presented a copy to political satirist Cho Ramaswamy. Ramaswamy said Modi was the new hope of the nation and "could be changing his residence to 7 Race Course Road in Delhi".

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Police beef up security, all set for Narendra Modi's Chennai visit

Police beef up security, all set for Narendra Modi's Chennai visit

Police beef up security, all set for Narendra Modi's Chennai visit

CHENNAI: Police have thrown a tight security cover in the city for the visit of BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi tomorrow. 

More than 5,000 police personnel including from Armed Reserve wing have been deployed for the bandobust, police said. 

The Gujarat Chief Minister is delivering the 2013 Nani Palkhivala memorial lecture at the University of Madras's Centenary Auditorium and will also be releasing BJP leader Arun Shourie's book 'Self-deception: India China policies.' 

The police have sanitised the Madras University Centenary Hall and the entire campus to ensure pool proof security. 

Security has also been beefed up at the state unit BJP office where Modi would meet office bearers. 

Armed policemen have been deployed on high rise buildings, mostly government owned - in the vicinity. 

Police have been checking vehicles in the city and have been conducting searches in lodges and hotels to rule out presence of anti-socials and suspicious elements. 

Asked on security preparations, a top police official said "everything has been done in accordance with the protocol for VVIPs with high security risk." 

The BJP has organised a reception for Modi at the Chennai Airport. Party workers from Chennai, Kanchi and Tiruvallur Districts are expected to welcome the Gujarat strongman. 

This is Modi's second visit to Tamil Nadu in less than a month. On September 26, he addressed a public meeting in Tiruchirappalli.
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